Tell Us Your Requirements

Let us know what are your requirements for your project and we’ll give you a quote based off of the information you provide. You can specify the writing style, writing tone, word count and any other requirement for your project.

You can contact us via Telephone / WhatsApp at (246) 251-5728; or via our Contact or Order pages.

Let’s Meet!

We’ll have a meeting to consult with you and fine tune the requirements of your project, to get a better understanding of your direction. Communication is key and we aim to please!

We’ll also collect the funds to get your project started and issue you a receipt. You can view our refund policy here.

Project Delivery

We’ll deliver your project within a pre-agreed time frame via email or printed format (additional charge). If we go past the set deadline you are entitled to a 10% refund of funds paid. That’s our personal guarantee to you!